1. Schools in Singapore Offering the American Curriculum

Schools in Singapore Offering the American Curriculum

Published on 11 Jan 2023
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The American Curriculum is divided into three stages: Elementary School, Middle School and High School. In Elementary School, students aged 4 to 11 enter Kindergarten to Grade 5. Students aged 11 to 14 progresses to Middle School which covers Grade 6 to Grade 8. They then move on to High School until the age of 18 to complete Grade 9 to Grade 12. 

The American Curriculum is a standards-based curriculum that is governed by six accreditation authorities including the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). All subject content must abide by the Common Core State Standards or the AERO Common Core Plus Standards. American international schools have the flexibility to design their curriculum based on standards that are relevant to their host country. 

Students need to complete a certain number of credits from Grade 9 to Grade 12 to be granted the American High School Diploma. In addition, students have the opportunity to sit for standardised tests such as the SAT, PSAT and ACT to measure their knowledge in certain subject areas.

Here are the schools in Singapore that offer the American Curriculum: 

1. XCL American Academy 

The challenging and balanced American curriculum provided by XAA in Singapore is precisely matched with the AERO and US Common Core standards, making it simple for students to transfer to any other school offering a programme with a similar American curriculum anywhere in the world. Beginning in Grade 2, the US Common Core MAP testing system is used to assess student progress twice annually. This evaluation gives teachers the knowledge they need to make sure their students are succeeding academically.

 The curriculum at the XCL American Academy is based on standards and gives students the chance to experience actual, useful, real-world courses and projects. Students can exhibit the skills and knowledge they have learned at each age and stage. Additionally, the school provides an array of exciting and engaging programs to encourage students to continue their learning journey and level up their holidays. 

2. Singapore American School 

Singapore American School (SAS) was founded by a group of pioneering American parents in 1956. The school had humble beginnings with an enrolment of 105 students in large colonial-style bungalows. In 1996, the school relocated to a larger campus in Woodlands to accommodate more students. The school offers Early Learning, Elementary School, Middle School and High School levels. The Early Learning curriculum is based on the Reggio-inspired philosophy.

SAS equips students with the tools for college preparation through 25 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the AP Capstone Diploma programme, and a growing number of specialised advanced topic courses. A unique feature of the school is the Interim Semester, an annual programme involving a range of activities in Singapore and excursions to other countries. The Interim Semester consists of three areas — Global Studies, Eco Adventure and Service Learning. Completion of one Interim Semester course during High School level is mandatory in order to graduate. In addition, counselling services are provided to both students and parents at SAS. 

3. Stamford American International School

Stamford American International School (SAIS) offers a unique curriculum, integrating the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme with American Standards and Advanced Placement courses. SAIS is spread out across two campuses — the Elementary & Secondary School Campus in Woodleigh Lane and the Early Learning Village Campus in Chuan Lane. The Early Learning Village is open to children entering Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 levels. The Reggio Emilia approach is adapted for the Early Learning Village curriculum.

In addition, SAIS offers boarding to students aged 12 and above. SAIS has a comprehensive co-curricular activities programme where students can choose from over 300 activities to join throughout their school years. The school is also the only institution in Singapore to partner with EducationUSA to provide students and parents with resources about higher education in the United States.





4. International Community School (Singapore)

Formerly known as ICS, the school was established by a group of parents from different nationalities in 1993. They had a common goal of building a school offering a Christian-centred education to meet the needs of both corporate and missionary expatriates. Two years later, the school’s name was officially changed to International Community School (Singapore). The school is known as a mid-sized school providing the American Curriculum with a Christian ethos from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 levels. College preparatory courses such as Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Classes are offered in the High School programme.

The school has a comprehensive counselling department that supports students in the areas of academics, career choices and emotional health. International Community School (Singapore) also conducts a year-long Service-Learning Program with the aim of building strong connections between Elementary and Middle & High School students. The Service-Learning Program encompasses cross-cultural volunteer service, community volunteer service, charitable fundraising, and awareness campaigns.

5. Heritage Academy 

Located at Yishun Street, Heritage Academy is known as The School of Tomorrow, often known as Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). The school follows a Bible-based curriculum in accordance with the ACE guidelines. The school offers a preparatory course for American High School for a year and an American High School Diploma from Grade 1 to 12. At the end of Grade 12, students will graduate with an American High School diploma, conferred by Heritage Academy.

Additionally, the school offers an educational software called Readmaster Plus which enhances their students’ educational abilities in reading, computer keyboard skills, math concepts and spelling, word usage and pronunciation while challenging their learning.

All students receive academic instruction and attentive moral counselling. Students are taught and closely supervised in small group environments through classroom education beginning in the lower grades. The students improve their ability to handle themselves and master personalised instruction as they advance. 


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