1. Jerudong International School (JIS)

Jerudong International School (JIS)

Essential Information

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
A Levels
International Baccalaureate
IB Diploma, IELTS, Optional Examinations (SAT - JIS is an accredited SAT Examination Centre, Music - Trinity College Music Examinations, Drama - Trinity College Drama Examinations)
JUNIOR SCHOOL: Nursery, Kindergarten, Reception, Years 1- 6 (Ages 2-11), SENIOR SCHOOL: Years 7-13 MIDDLE YEARS Year 7 to 9 (Ages 11-13), UPPER YEARS IGCSE Programme - Year 10 & 11 (Ages 13-16), A Level or IB Diploma Programme - Year 12 & 13 (Ages 16-18)
August to July
Monday to Thursday - 7.30am to 4.30pm; Friday - 7.30am to 12 noon, 2.00pm to 3.30pm, *12 to 2pm: The School offices will be closed
Closing hours change from Nursery to Year 13. The younger children finish their day much earlier than older students. Monday to Thursday - 7.30am to 3.30pm (Years 7-13); CCAs 3.15pm - 4.45pm; Friday - 7.30am to 11.45am

About Jerudong International School (JIS)

In January 2019, Jerudong International School (JISBrunei), founded in 1997, was the first British International School in the world to achieve the top rating possible in all 9 areas investigated by the British Education Inspectorate.


  1. The quality of education provided by the school
  2. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils
  3. The welfare, health and safety of the pupils
  4. The suitability of the proprietor and staff
  5. The premises and accommodation
  6. The provision of information for parents, carers and others
  7. Manner in which complaints are handled
  8. Quality of leadership in and management of schools
  9. Minimum standards for Boarding


What makes JISBrunei an exceptional school?



We pride ourselves on providing an education that is not only academically challenging but also seeks to develop the whole student. There are currently 1663 students ages 2 - 18 years, from 55 different nationalities. The School is an international community with a Bruneian heart (40% Bruneian students).

A leading British international school in South East Asia we prepare students for I/GCSEs, A levels and the IB Diploma. Examination results have been truly excellent with students entering the best Universities in the world every year. Recent graduate destinations include in the UK - Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College, Berkeley University (USA), University of British Columbia (Canada), Australian National University and Melbourne University, National University of Singapore.

JIS is an international member of the prestigious UK based HMC organisation, accredited by The Good Schools Guide as well as COBIS, FOBISIA and the BSA. JIS is proud to be an IB World School.



JIS has almost 200 highly qualified teachers primarily from the UK but also a small number from Australia, New Zealand. Our language teachers are native language speakers from China, France and Brunei. Many teachers have PhDs and Masters. A number of our teachers are Subject Examiners and Textbook authors for the IGCSE, ALevel or IB Examination Boards. The average length of time for a JIS teacher to stay is 8 years. The experienced Higher Education Department assist students in applying to Universities all over the world.


Our Boarding staff are teachers in the school, supported by qualified Nurses and Matrons.


Campus Facilities

The 120 acre, purpose-built, fully WiFi and networked school facilities occupy a single campus near the coast - a short drive from the airport and capital city. Students can use the 27 Science laboratories, Arts Centre (725 seat auditorium, dance studio, black box theatre and rehearsal rooms), extensive music faculty, art, design and technology workshops and studios, libraries, lecture theatre and traditional classrooms as well as the 10,000m2 Outdoor Discovery Centre, 2 swimming pools, 3 Sports Halls, 3 outdoor netball/basketball and 3 tennis courts and 3 soccer/rugby pitches. A well-equipped medical centre with 3 Nurses, supported by 3 Counsellors is on site to take care of day students.


The ‘outstanding’ Boarding facilities for students age 11 years + are purpose designed and built for the community of up to 256 full and weekly boarders. Girls and Boys enjoy separate Boarding Houses cared for by experienced staff. The Boarding Housemaster or House Mistresses are all teachers in the School. Boarders can also use the school facilities. A special partnership exists between the boarding staff and a student's family with mutual trust at the heart of the relationship between home and school.


Pastoral Care

All students and teachers in the Senior School are members of a House (a community of about 70 students) which plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining a strong school spirit. The 16 Houses in Senior School, named after birds in Borneo, provide leadership, mentoring and teamwork opportunities. Weekly House sports competitions and other House Events including House Debates, House Quiz, House Music, JIS has talent and Spelling Bees are highlights.


Co-curricular Programme

A strong co-curricular programme exists with almost 300 activities on offer including a wide range of sports and arts activities. JIS has a well-established International Award (DoE) programme - Bronze, Silver and Gold level. The Model United Nations club is particularly popular at Middle and Upper Years. EcoJIS, a student led group has developed a number of school wide initiatives and lead Earth Day each year. An award winning Outdoor Discovery Centre - an eco-forestry initiative on tropical heathland on the campus is enjoyed an regularly used for CCAs and also as an Outdoor Classroom learning space. The School takes full advantage of the wonderful unique tropical environment of Brunei.



Jerudong International School (JIS) Fees Structure

BND 8,280
BND 15,816
BND 10,212
BND 23,316-23,772
BND 11,580-15,924
BND 25,728
BND 17,004
BND 27,492
BND 17,736

Languages Taught

Bahasa Malaysia
Malay for Foreigners, Mandarin - First Language, Second Language and for Foreigners;


Air-conditioned classrooms
Art room
Audio/visual room
Badminton court
Basketball court
Dining Room
IT resource center
Music room
Performance Hall
Running track
Science laboratory
Sports Hall
Sports field
Studio Space
Swimming pool
Teaching Kitchen
Tennis court
Theatre facilities
Boarding Village with separate girls /boys accommodation for up to 256 Boarding students and Dining Hall, Higher Education Centre - University Guidance, eLearningCentre, 10,000m2 Outdoor Discovery Centre, Performing Arts Centre - 725 seat theatre, Black Box Studio Theatre / Dance Studio Music Recording Studio, Orchestra Rehearsal Room, Health Centre staffed by team of Nurses, Counsellors Centre, School Uniform and Stationery Shop, Mr Baker’s Coffee shop for parents and staff, Geckos - a Pre Nursery Group for JIS Parent and Toddler, After School Care for Reception - Year 6 children. 3pm - 5.30pm., The School site of 120 acres is fully WiFi

Extracurricular Activities

Parents / students sign up for the activity on a dedicated website. The activities may take place before school, in the lunchtime or after school.

These include a wide range to suit all. Activities include wide range of sports, arts, music, PADI Courses, a well-developed Duke of Edinburgh (International Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels), Model United Nations, a large student led Eco group. 

Contact Information
Jalan Universiti, Kampung Tungku, Bandar Seri Begawan BE2119, Brunei-Muara Brunei
+673 241 1000 (Admissions Office: Ext 1206 / 7100 / 1214)
Jerudong International School (JIS)

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