Astor International School

Essential Information
Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools
100 (max 150) students
International Primary Curriculum Singaporean
Singapore Math and British English
5 to 12 y.o. / Years 1-7
20 students


Astor International School - Tanglin Campus
Email: Phone: +65 6974 5700 Website: Address: 1 Kay Siang Road #05-01/02 Singapore 248922

Astor International School Fees Structure


 Year 1 - 7              

Option A – FLEXI FEES $14,900 a year

Make your own timetable! You can choose ECAs on certain days, or none at all. ECAs are paid separately each term.

Option B – FIXED FEES $18,500 a year

Stay until 3pm every day! ECAs five days a week are included in the fee. You can still choose which ECAs to attend.

Material fee $150 per year.

Uniform (polo shirt with Razum logo) $25 per set.

ECAs $10-45 per class (optional).

ESL $250-950 per month (optional).

Student Support is also available at $500-4,500 per month (depending on the scale of support needed).

Admission/Entrance/Registration/Enrolment fee: One-time admission fee SGD $1,700.