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Amnuay Silpa School

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3 - 17
August - July

About Amnuay Silpa School

Amnuay Silpa School (ANS) is one of the leading bilingual schools in Thailand and the First Thinking School in Asia. ANS consists of three Phases – Foundation, Primary and Secondary; providing one continuous educational journey through a uniquely combined UK/Thai Curriculum.


Over the decades, ANS has evolved to meet modern learning and teaching standards.  In 2009 the school launched the Thinking School Approach in collaboration with King’s School, New Zealand.  The emphasis was on moving away from a content-based, factual curriculum geared towards the passing of examinations, to a more transferable skills-based curriculum.  Lessons were designed to maximise higher-order thinking opportunities enabling students to better understand the thinking process and to develop greater independence. 


In 2013 ANS was accredited by Exeter University as the first and only Thinking School in Asia and in 2017 the school was awarded Advanced Status by the Department of Cognitive Education at Exeter University.

Amnuay Silpa School Fees Structure

3000 baht

375,000 baht

400,000 baht

405,000 baht

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