1. School Holidays (2023) in Vietnam

School Holidays (2023) in Vietnam

Published on 14 Feb 2023

Public Holidays in Vietnam 2023

1 January (Sun) – New Year's Day

21 - 27 January (Sat - Fri) –  Tet

29 April (Sat) – Hung Kings Commemoration Day 

30 April (Sun) – Reunification Day 

1 May (Mon) – Labour Day

1 May (Mon) – Hung Kings Commemoration Holiday 

2 May (Tue) – Renufication Day Holiday 

2 September (Sat) – National Day 

4 September (Mon) – National Day Holiday 


Meaning of each holiday

21 - 27 January – Vietnamese New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan)

Tet Nguyen Dan is the Vietnamese version of the Chinese New Year celebration that is commemorated in China and most parts of Southeast Asia. Vietnamese New Year is a major holiday in Vietnam; festivities are carried out over one week. Some traditions during Tet include cleaning the house to sweep away any bad luck that was left from the previous year. Homes are decorated to the nines, and families and friends gather for reunions and feast on sumptuous food. 


29 April – Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Hung Kings Commemoration Day has been an official public holiday in Vietnam since 2007. This holiday is dedicated to the Hung line of kings who ruled Vietnam as priestly kings for over 2,500 years up until around 250 B.C. These kings are considered Vietnam’s ancient founders. The Hung Temple in the small town of Co Tich is the central location for these celebrations. In addition, there is also a commemorative procession and pilgrimage for Hung Kings Day, which begins at the base of Nghia Linh Mountain and ends at reaching Hung Temple at the peak.


30 April – Reunification Day

This holiday commemorates the fall of Saigon to Communist forces towards the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Soon after that, Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese flags will be flying high all over the country during this holiday. A parade will also take place in Ho Chi Minh City where the public can watch political leaders make public speeches. As Reunification Day is a day before Labour Day, many people take advantage of this long stretch of holiday to go on vacation. 


2 September – National Day

Vietnam celebrates National Day to commemorate the country’s independence from French colonial powers. The country declared its independence on this exact day in 1945. National Day celebrations are made up of fireworks, parades, rousing speeches, and the flying of the nation’s flag. 


School Holidays – by state/region/by private/public

School holidays in Vietnam depend on the type and location of the school. Public and private schools have different school holidays. Generally, private or international schools have a five-week summer break in July and August. 


Vietnam School Year Calendar and term dates 

Generally, the school week in Vietnam is six days, beginning on Monday and ending on Saturday, but children usually only attend school for half the day. The school year usually lasts from September until May.



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