1. Primary School Education System In Thailand

Primary School Education System In Thailand

Published on 20 Oct 2020

What Is Primary School?

A primary school is simply defined as an elementary school, junior school or grade school where children receive a primary or elementary education. Typically, children enter primary school after completing preschool. A primary education prepares children to transition to secondary school. 


What is the Best Age to Start Primary School in Thailand?

It is compulsory for students to be enrolled in primary school at the age of six and attend for six years (Prathom 1 to Prathom 6). Children are enrolled in primary school until the age of 11 before moving on to secondary school. There are approximately 31,000 public primary schools and lower secondary schools in Thailand. 


Thailand Primary School Curriculum 

At Thai primary schools, students are required to complete eight groups of Learning Essences, or subjects, each year. These subjects are Thai language, Mathematics, Sciences, Social & Religions and Culture, Health & Physical Science, Professional Works & Technology and Foreign Language and Arts. It is not necessary to study all eight subjects at once. In addition, English language classes are offered to students from Prathom 1 onwards. Students are granted the Certificate of Primary Education at the end of Prathom 6. 


Types of Primary Schools in Thailand

There are public schools, private schools and international schools offering primary school levels. An international school education is costly in Thailand. If Thai parents want their children to be exposed to the English language from a young age, they can enrol their children in bilingual schools or schools that have English programmes. The national curriculum is taught in English at these schools. 


Primary Schools in Bangkok 

Parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to schools in Bangkok, there is a huge range of schools with different offerings in terms of curricula, fees and ethos. Christian schools, international schools, and bilingual schools are some of the options parents can consider. 

Majority of classrooms in international primary schools in Bangkok are instructed by a single teacher and class sizes are relatively small. Teaching assistants are sometimes present. Primary schools in Bangkok also have facilities to cater to the interests and activities of children such as music education or physical education.


How Do You Apply to Primary in Thailand?

Parents who are interested in enrolling their children in international schools can contact the school directly for application purposes. Generally, the international school application process involves payment of registration fee and assessment test. If the child meets all requirements, parents would need to pay an admission fee and deposit for successful enrolment.


What are the Average Fees for Primary School in Thailand?

Fees for primary schools vary greatly depending on whether they are privately owned schools or government schools. Therefore, it’s important for parents to find a primary school that fits their budget. 

A public school education in Thailand is free of charge until Grade 9. For government schools outside Bangkok, parents might need to pay fees for books and classes that amount to 

10,000 baht annually. School uniforms also need to be bought by parents. Private schools and international schools charge varying miscellaneous fees. 



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