1. Scholarships available at SJI International

Scholarships available at SJI International

Published on 30 Apr 2021

Applications are now open for SJI International Scholarships commencing in 2022!

Any questions you may have will be answered at their Scholarship Information Evening on 19 May, which you can attend for free if you sign up here. Limited spaces are available so register today.

SJI International offers both Merit-based and Merit-based Means-tested Local Scholarships to Singaporeans and PRs, for enrolment in the 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) or 3-year Grade 10 (Sec 4) Foundation Course and IBDP.

Lasallian Scholarships are also available for Singaporeans from either Lasallian or local primary schools in Singapore, for a 6-year term from Grade 7 (Sec 1) commencing in 2021 through to the end of the IBDP in Grade 12 (JC 2).

Through the Scholarship Programme, SJI International seeks to provide an opportunity for outstanding and suitable students to access the high-quality education the school provides.

They are thus looking for young school leaders who can demonstrate excellent quality of mind, enthusiastic participation in non-academic activities, positive personal qualities and strong communication abilities.

All applications will be reviewed and only shortlisted candidates will be invited for testing. The scholarship test will consist of a Maths Test (1 hour), an English Test (1 hour) and a CEM Baseline Test (1 hour).

For more information about SJI International's Scholarship Programme including the eligibility criteria and application process, visit: https://www.sji-international.com.sg/admissions/high-school/scholarships

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