1. North London Collegiate School (NLCS) Jeju Weekly Awards and Achievements

North London Collegiate School (NLCS) Jeju Weekly Awards and Achievements

Published on 01 Mar 2024

NLCS Jeju Awards and Achievements

We're thrilled to share the outstanding accomplishments of NLCS Jeju's students and teams this week. From successes in robotics to environmental activism and academic excellence, our community continues to shine brightly with achievements that inspire and empower. Here are some successes of our students last week!



“This year was the first time NLCS Jeju sent a team to VRC Over Under - MS/HS Blended Korea Nationals 2023/2024. Before attending the finals, our team took part in two regional competitions held at SJA and KIS Jeju. It was a good learning experience for students to take part in such a big competition. There were 41 teams from all parts of South Korea. The NLCS Jeju team played the knockout match and was given the ‘Judges Award of the Year’.”

- Mr. Tajvir Singh (Head of Computer Science).



Team Name: ‘Start Here’

Team members:

Soyeon Ahn, Sunghyun Yoon, Suhyeon Shin, Donghoo Lee, Jiyin Choi, Hai Kim, Hojin Kim, Hyeeun Lee.


Jeju Provincial Superintendent of Education Award

“From May to December 2023, the ZeroXJeju, including 9 students in Year 11, conducted various activities to improve awareness of environmental issues, challenges for zero plastic, and reduce waste through plastic upcycling with Jeslyn Park (class of 2023) as a mentor. Through the activities, Junior School Year 4 students learned about the importance of plastic-free, and about 100 senior school students participated in plastic reduction campaigns and plastic bottle lighting activities. Zero X Jeju also expanded into local activities by visiting the Gueok-ri Recycling Center and participating in marine plugging activities which is organised by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Kakao Makers.


In particular, Kim Kwang-soo, the superintendent of Jeju Provincial Office of Education, participated in the campaign to reduce plastic in daily life. With such active participation, Team Zero X Jeju get the Excellence Award (Jeju

Superintendent of Education Award) at the 2023 Plastic-Free Practice Challenge sponsored by the Ministry of Environment.” - Kellyn Park.


Mentor: Jeslyn Park (Class of 2023)

Team members:

Jimin Son, Jisu Park (Kellyn), Naeun Kim, Seoyoung Min (Melissa), Yun Park, Jinwoo Lee (Kai), Tae Hyeon Jun (Daniel), Suhyuk Cho (Jeff) and Jimin Hong (Elroy).


Korea Science and Engineering Fair (KSEF)

“Esther Kim (Y10) has participated in the 21st Korea Science & Engineering Fair (KSEF) and won a Silver Medal in both the domestic and international sections. Moreover, the happy news is that Esther has won a Silver Medal, and as a result, she has the opportunity to participate as a representative of Korea in the GENIUS OLYMPIAD to be held in New York in June among the Gold-Silver award winners from the entire participants of the international competition.”

- Ms. Hyehyang Kim - Teacher of KSL & Korean B.


Esther Kim, (Year 10)

Edexcel outstanding learner awards

We were thrilled when Edexcel announced that Jian Kim (Year 11) and Jian Han (Year 11) have both received prestigious Edexcel Outstanding Learner Awards for achieving the highest marks in Korea for their IGCSE.

“This is a fantastic achievement. We are very proud of our students and their dedication to developing the highest possible technical standards and true love of creativity.”

- Ms. Sharon Kennington (Head of Art).

Jian Kim and Jian Han, (Year 11)

Here are some examples of their artwork:

Jian Kim. The theme of 'Escape'.





Jian Han. The theme of 'Escape'.




Moreover, we have been informed that the exam board, Edexcel, has chosen four of our student's coursework to be displayed on their website as 'world exemplar' material for thousands of other schools. Congratulations to Jian Kim, Jian Han, Seyoon (Gloria) Hwang, and Ziniu (Benny) Yu.


Seyoon (Gloria) Hwang. The theme of 'Collections'.




Ziniu (Benny) Yu. The theme of 'Escape'.



''This demonstrates that NCLS Jeju students are truly exceptional.'' - Ms Sharon Kennington (Head of Art, NLCS Jeju).

Feel free to contact NLCS Jeju's Admissions Team to find out more about what NLCS Jeju has to offer. https://www.nlcsjeju.co.kr/admissions/enquire/

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