1. JIS students excel in 2023 UK Chemistry and British Physics Olympiad

JIS students excel in 2023 UK Chemistry and British Physics Olympiad

Published on 08 May 2023

Forty-seven students from Years 11 to 13 at Jerudong International School (JIS) have achieved remarkable results in two of the most prestigious British Science competitions - the British Physics Olympiad and UK Chemistry Olympiad. The competitions are held annually, attracting over 14,000 participants from schools worldwide to showcase their knowledge and skills in the fields of Physics and Chemistry.

All the participants who received their certificates for Chemistry and/or Physics. Staff present in the group photo are Daniel Milner
(Vice Principal, Head of Senior School), Devinder Gill, Thinagar Thangavel and Phil Biggs.

The British Physics Olympiad saw Year 11 students sitting two competitions as part of the Intermediate Physics Challenge, with three achieving Gold Awards - Aiman Zulhilmi, Joey Sha and Yajna Karri. Moreover, eight students earned Silver, eight Bronze and one Commendation. The Gold Award for the written paper ranked the students in the top 10% of the 2,500 students who entered the competition. Year 12 students sat the Senior Physics Challenge papers, achieving six Silver, twelve Bronze, and eleven Commendation.

Participants who received Gold certificates. Also present in this group photo is Daniel Milner (Vice Principal, Head of Senior School).

In addition, two of the JIS Year 13 students, Yahya Husain Ul Hasan and Kiefer Lim, demonstrated their excellent performance in the Physics Olympiad (BPhO) competition, a gruelling three-hour exam. Yahya achieved a Silver Award, while Kiefer received a Top Gold in Physics, ranking him in the top 6.6% of the students who sat the paper.

JIS students also excelled in the UK Chemistry Olympiad, with participating students sitting the Chemistry Round One test and two achieving Gold awards - Kiefer Lim and Timo Stapel. Kiefer's exceptional score positioned him among the top 80 candidates out of the 11,838 entries. Additionally, two students received Silver Awards, and six received Bronze.

Kiefer Lim - top achiever in both Chemistry and Physics - with Daniel Milner (Vice Principal, Head of Senior School).

Principal, Nicholas Sheehan commented, “Chemistry and Physics are very popular subjects in Jerudong International School. My sincere congratulations go to these students for the outstanding results. All of them (and their families and teachers) should be very proud - just as we are!”

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