1. International Boarding Schools in Brunei

International Boarding Schools in Brunei

Published on 27 Feb 2019
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A boarding school provides education, accommodation and meals for pupils who live on the premises, as opposed to a day school.

Here are two international schools in Brunei which offer boarding facilities.


Jerudong International School

1. Jerudong International School

Jerudong International School is one of the few international schools in Brunei and it is the leading boarding and day school in the country. The school’s boarders are divided into male and female residences, catering to students from Year 7 to Year 13. Students of similar ages are usually roomed together in groups of two to five people. Every bedroom is fully furnished with furniture and linen. Students can also opt to personalise their space with their own bedding from home.

There are four houses with approximately 64 students in each house. Some of the facilities offered to all students are common room, student lounge, kitchen, central dining room, practice room, prayer room, sports facilities, medical recovery rooms and a residential nurse for any out-of-hours emergencies. For younger students, there are modern computer study rooms in a single-sex setting for students to complete their homework whilst being accompanied by a teacher or prefect.


International School Brunei

2. International School Brunei

The International School Brunei’s International Residence is located conveniently within the school’s campus with access to wireless internet in all locations. Boarders of similar ages will usually share an air-conditioned bedroom. The residence is gender-separated into two blocks which include clean and spacious shower and toilet spaces and small recreation or relaxing areas. There is also a Support Team which lives on-site and an adult staff member who lives in each block so residents have 24-hours supervision.

The on-site residence is also equipped with board games, video games, musical instruments, gym, theatre, sports hall, and basketball and football court. In addition, meals are prepared daily for boarders. From 10pm to 6am, a female security guard is tasked to patrol the female boarders’ residence. Every resident is allocated with their own bedroom furniture and a lockable cabinet. Residents can also decorate their bedrooms as long as it is tasteful and inoffensive.


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