1. Hari Sukan Malaysia 2024

Hari Sukan Malaysia 2024

Published on 04 Mar 2024

Sukma Qatar 2024

Nord Anglia International School Al Khor's Malaysian students showcased their active engagement and commitment to community involvement by participating in and volunteering for the impressive 'Hari Sukan Malaysia 2024,' also known as the 'SUKMA Qatar 2024' event.

The gathering witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 200 enthusiastic participants and more than 100 engaged spectators converging from various corners of Qatar.

four exhilarating sports were featured which include: Takraw, Netball, Badminton, and Volleyball. The event unfolded with spirited competition. The participants were organised into four dynamic districts, each representing a unique team: Doha, Dukhan, Wakra, and Al-Khor.

Standing out among the accomplished athletes were our very own Jenelle and Alisha from year 13, who exhibited exceptional skills in Netball and Volleyball, securing an admirable second place in both events.

The event's success was not only attributed to the athletic prowess on display but also to the dedicated volunteers from NAISAK. These students played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth execution of various tasks, including score tallying, setup and take-down assistance, information table management, attendee registration, guest ushering, and maintaining a tidy and safe environment throughout.

The following students, Hanifah, Hanisah, Khyra, Arissa, Habib, Fawzan, Aizat, Aiman, Syakil, Iman, and Damia also demonstrated exceptional teamwork and dedication. We express our sincere appreciation for your collective efforts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all involved.

The 'SUKMA Qatar 2024' event not only celebrated athletic achievements but also highlighted the spirit of community and collaboration among NAISAK students. We commend our students for their outstanding performances and express gratitude to the dedicated volunteers whose contributions ensured the success of this vibrant sporting event. Well done to everyone involved!

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