1. Exceptional results for the SJI International's IGCSE Class of 2021

Exceptional results for the SJI International's IGCSE Class of 2021

Published on 24 Jan 2022

St. Joseph’s Institution International is proud to announce exceptional examination results of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Class of 2021, once again placing SJI International as one of the top achieving international schools in Singapore.


With 189 students, this represents our largest IGCSE cohort ever. These students showed resilience and they impressed with their achievements despite being significantly impacted by the precautions due to Covid-19 and Home-Based Learning.



  • 189 students were entered for 1598 IGCSE qualifications across both the May 2021 and November 2021 examination sessions resulting in a 99% pass rate, which is a slight improvement over that achieved in 2020.
  • 80% achieved either an A* or A.
  • 104 students achieved an A* representing 55.2% of the cohort.
  • The cohort achieved a 7.3 IGCSE Grade Point Average where the maximum is 8 or A, remaining on par with 2020.
  • 56.1% of students achieved A* for 5 or more subjects (courses).


Mr Darryl David, CEO of SJI International, said: “While we celebrate the results of the IGCSE Class of 2021, academic achievements are only part of our holistic education that prepare our students to be people for others who contribute to the wider community.”


Brother Lawrence Humphrey, SJI International’s Brother President, said, “We are proud of each student who completed the program and achieved such excellent results despite having to deal with two years of uncertainty and restrictions, as well as taking their exams in the most difficult of conditions. They’ve been blessed with many God-given abilities and have used them well.


Mrs Roisin Paul, High School Principal, said: “Despite the significant Covid-related hurdles they endured during their IGCSE studies, our 2021 cohort has achieved exceptional results. This demonstrates our students' and faculty's commitment, professionalism, and perseverance even in the face of hardship.”


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