1. Encouraging Creative Entrepreneurs in The Digital Age

Encouraging Creative Entrepreneurs in The Digital Age

Published on 29 May 2023

With the rapid advancement of technology and automation, the demand for blue-collar employment is dwindling. As the requirement for manual skills declines, there is a greater emphasis on cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and creativity.  Roland Berger, a global consulting company, shared that more than 60% of jobs in Malaysia could be automated in the coming future, which is a cause of concern for current and future employees.

The call for raising the next generation of creative entrepreneurs is needed to ensure that the economy continues to grow, and that future generations can face the challenges of working in a digital age. Entrepreneurship is vital in encouraging economic growth and, in many cases, is the catalyst for developing new technologies and advancements that further improve the quality of life. Thanks to the Malaysian government's implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) policies, there are more incentives for entrepreneurs to walk the path today with equitable chances of receiving both monetary and non-monetary aid.


Creating platforms for creative and entrepreneurial thinking

A creative entrepreneur is equipped with certain a skillset including management, communication, problem solving, leadership and much more. While there are many books in the market that speak of these qualities, the best approach to building a creative entrepreneur is to instil the skillset in them at a young age, when young learners are at their prime to absorb knowledge and experiences, while growing to love what they do.

In Malaysia, through the Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, the Ministry of Education is taking steps to prepare students to be resilient and ready for entrepreneurship, improving job skills among students as well as building entrepreneurial communities. The highest performing education systems around the world instil social values and encourage teaching approaches that develop students’ higher order thinking skills, rather than focusing on memorising subject content only.

Instilling creative entrepreneurship skills helps students develop a range of competencies that are valuable in both their personal and professional lives. As well as exposing students to real life experiences, creative entrepreneurship skills help students become resilient and adaptable to new environments. This will then help build the foundation students need for success in our increasingly digitalised world.


Nurturing our young talents in Malaysia

Through technology, proper support and programmes offered in schools, an emphasis on creative entrepreneurship allows students to stand out from their peers and be ready to face the challenges of managing their own businesses. At Cambridge International, our programmes and subjects are strategically designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills and attributes needed to be an entrepreneur.

We have introduced new creative subjects such as Global Perspectives, Enterprise and Digital Media and Design, so our young learners can develop emotional intelligence, be able to express themselves while exploring unconventional areas of thought. Not only that, core subjects such as mathematics and science are designed to facilitate creative thinking and problem solving, helping students make sense of ideas and build connections across subjects.

Some ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ in Malaysia have applied the skills and knowledge gained in their Cambridge programmes to launch successful new ventures including:


Farhan Yusufi, student from Dwi Emas International School

“Seeing how other young successful entrepreneurs started their first ever business, I didn't want to be left out and started my very own business in 2022 by selling my artworks as posters and bookmarks. I have stumbled upon several obstacles throughout my journey, many of which were resolved with the help of my teachers and parents. I also personally believe that having a good mindset is crucial to balance traditional education and real-life skills to tackle upcoming challenges and business opportunities.”


Yashant, student from Dwi Emas International School

“I enjoy creating artworks during my free time, and when I saw many artists starting their art selling business online, I too was inspired to start my own. It was a challenging journey, as not only did I have to balance my studies with managing my business but also navigating some people who did not take me seriously because of my age. I am thankful for my teachers and the school who have provided great support and guidance, including giving advice on how I can grow my business. I am grateful for their motivation and from there believe that being adaptable to any situation is one important skill for any entrepreneurs."

With industry linkages, international collaborations and smart classrooms, Cambridge International Schools in Malaysia are helping students to see a bigger picture for their future. By offering a balance of academic curricula from Cambridge International alongside social and vocational projects, schools are also helping students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real-world. Cambridge hopes to inspire the next generation of Malaysian learners to see challenges as an opportunity for success. By starting early, the next generation of creative entrepreneurs will be ready to face the changing landscape in the digital age. 


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