1. Celebrating Outstanding A Level Results from June 2022!

Celebrating Outstanding A Level Results from June 2022!

Published on 19 Oct 2022

In a year which has been challenging for students everywhere as they struggled to study in a world impacted by the Covid virus, the results achieved by the A Level students at Jerudong International School (JIS) in July 2022 proved to be even more remarkable. The final A Level examinations were seriously impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the students of Jerudong International School who have diligently studied over the last two years have seen their efforts rewarded despite these most challenging times.

JIS students achieved an outstanding A* or A grade in 43.5% of all grades awarded. An impressive 64.5% of all grades awarded were A*, A or B, generally regarded as the minimum level required for entry into a leading UK University.

Remarkably, five students achieved A* grades in all four of their A levels subjects - Bruneian Ethan Cheam who will study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University of Edinburgh, UK), Gabriel Chan, also Bruneian, is planning to study Medicine. Jacob Kattikaran from India (who will study Maths and was awarded the President's International Distinction Scholarship University of Alberta, Canada), Mustafa Nasir from Pakistan is studying Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada and Ray Kakuta, from Japan will study for an Integrated Masters Degree in computing with artificial intelligence and machine learning at Imperial College, London, UK.

A further eight students achieved a combination of A*/A grades in all four subjects. Bruneian Ministry of Education Scholarship student, Elmeeza Yasrinal Eddy will be going to study Mechanical Engineering at University College London, UK and has also been awarded the prestigious Sultan's Scholarship. Bruneian. Patricia Sim was also awarded the Sultan’s Scholarship and will be heading to Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland to study Medicine. Ambree Ahmad will be studying at UBD in Brunei, whilst another Bruneian - Ethan Officer heads to the London School of Economics in the UK. Also in the UK is Novanda Wahid from Indonesia who is studying for an MEng in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. Kartikeya Aneja, from India, is studying Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA. Bruneian, Iffah Yusri plans to study Actuarial Science but has not yet confirmed where and Singaporean, Seevon Tan is also having a Gap year to research her future University choice. 

Sheharyar Siddiqui and Rahul Paul both achieved four A Levels, three of which were at A* or A grades. Sheharyar will be going to Australia and Rahul has joined the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Four students achieved A* grades in all three of their A Level subjects. Heading to the UK are Bruneian Justin Lim (University College London), Liz James to study Dentistry in Liverpool and Aditi Kashyap to Durham University. Otto Wiseman is at the University of Auckland in New Zealand,. 

A further eighteen students achieved 3A* or A grades in their A Levels. These students are Alya Naqiyyah Norarfan, Ben Martin (Head Boy 2021-22), Cheryl Kong, Jasmeen Rahman, Jayden Ang, Jun Lee, Josh Lindsay (Student Council 2021-22), Kelly Lim, Lasmina Virgoe, Miza Athaa'ullah, Muhammad Zulaidi, Omar Sufri, Rania Zamhadi, Shahnaz Rahman, Wafiyyah Ahmad Baihaki, YeHtet Oo, YongPeng Lee, ZhiMin Lim (Head Girl 2021-22).

Nicholas Sheehan, Principal of JIS, said:

"The graduating students of 2022 faced enormous challenges due to the global pandemic. In June 2022, they sat for their A Level examinations and despite all the disruptions to their studies, their resilience has shone through as they performed superbly in the examinations.  Each grade awarded is a reflection of the hard work that student put in across the whole A-Level course. We are delighted to celebrate with them that they are head to the world’s leading Universities. We wish them all the very best and celebrate their perseverance and fortitude. We are enormously proud of them”

Not only have they excelled academically, but they have truly seized the wonderful co-curricular and service opportunities available here at Jerudong International School. We are very proud to be sending off such a batch of well rounded and qualified individuals to the finest Universities around the world.  Together with their parents and the A Level teachers, we congratulate them. Our students continue to 'Achieve Excellence' in all spheres of their lives.”


Jerudong International School was started in 1997. It presently has around 1650 international and Bruneian students aged from 2 years to 19 years. Students study a British International Curriculum from ages 2 years to 3 years. From 14 years to 16 years, students study the I/GCSE programmes. Senior students may choose between the A Level programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for their pre University course. JIS has a thriving boarding house for up to 200 boarders.



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