1. International Schools in Thailand: 5 Things You Should Know

International Schools in Thailand: 5 Things You Should Know

Published on 07 Sep 2018

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that shares a border with four countries, namely Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Many expatriates have relocated to Thailand due to its tropical climate, accessibility to modern comforts and affordable healthcare. There are a number of international schools in Thailand to accommodate the educational needs of expatriate children.

International Schools in Thailand

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Here are five things about international schools in Thailand that you should know:

1. Majority of schools are located in Bangkok

Over 100 international schools are located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. International schools can also be found in other towns such as Phuket, Krabi and Chiang Mai. More than half of the international schools in Thailand offer the British Curriculum. The American Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Curriculum are also popular. In addition, there are foreign language schools offering German, Swiss and French curricula. A number of international schools have boarding facilities as well.


2. Anyone can attend international schools

There has been a demand for English-medium education in Thailand from expatriates and local wealthy families. Similar to Malaysia, international schools in Thailand are open to both expatriate and local children. Generally, there is no limit for the enrolment of local students in international schools. However, certain schools do have a quota for local student enrolment to maintain a certain percentage of expatriate students and a diverse student body.


3. There are three tiers of international schools  

The international schools in Thailand are divided into three tiers. Tier 1 schools are considered the most established schools that have the highest fees. Tier 2 schools are mid-range schools that have affordable fees. Tier 3 schools are catered to wealthy Thai families rather than expatriates.


4. A popular destination for Chinese parents 

In recent years, Thailand has attracted many families from China due to its steady growth in the international education industry. Chinese parents have relocated to Thailand as there are more affordable international school options compared to China. As a result, the property market in Thailand has boomed with the increased number of expatriates moving to the country.


5. The number of international schools

According to the International School Consultancy (ISC), there are 170 international institutions in Thailand which comprise international schools and international preschools. Approximately 66,700 students are enrolled in international schools all over Thailand.


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