Razum International School

Essential Information
Preschool/Kindergarten Primary Schools
55 (max 150) students
International Primary Curriculum
Singapore Math and English
5 to 12 y.o. / Years 1-7
12 students
August to June
8.30 am to 3.30 pm
School hours: 8:45 am to 1:00 pm | Lunch: 1:00-1:30 pm | Play time: 1:30-2pm | ECAs: 2pm to 3pm

About Razum International School

Razum International School is a boutique international primary school in Singapore that provides education for children 5 to 12 years old (Years 1-7). Founded in 2019, Razum aims to provide quality, affordable education in a nurturing environment that develops life-long learners with a passion for knowledge. Razum is a small community-based school, where we pride ourselves on being able to say: “At Razum, you are a name, not a number.”

Razum International School prides itself on a four-hour school day which sets us apart from other learning institutions. The shorter hours make learning more effective and efficient allowing students to be more focused on their core subjects. At the same time, we encourage our students to develop a love for Art, Music, Dance and Drama which are instrumental in their cognitive development.

Razum International School is committed to maintaining a connected, nurturing community that provides students with every opportunity to belong, grow and be respected. We are committed to prioritising student welfare in their crucial formative years. Communication between school and home is focused on developing positive relationships, aimed at celebrating every student as a valued and loved member of our learning community.

Preschool Education

August to June

School hours: 8:45 am to 1:00 pm | Lunch: 1:00-1:30 pm | Play time: 1:30-2pm | ECAs: 2pm to 3pm

Year 1 – Pre-primary / Primary – 5 turning 6

Pre-primary programme is a unique programme for transition from local K2 into international Primary 1.

Razum offers a Gateway programme for pre-schoolers at a local MOE kindergarten; this bridges the gap between a local K2 school year (ending in December) and the start of Grade 1 in August. The programme runs from January to June.

Razum International School Fees Structure





 Year 1 - 7              

Option A – FLEXI FEES $14,900 a year

Make your own timetable! You can choose ECAs on certain days, or none at all. ECAs are paid separately each term.

Option B – FIXED FEES $18,500 a year

Stay until 3pm every day! ECAs five days a week are included in the fee. You can still choose which ECAs to attend.

Material fee $150 per year. Uniform (polo shirt with Razum logo) $25 per set.

ECAs $10-40 per class (optional). ESL $250-1,000 per month (optional). Student Support is also available at $500-4,500 per month (depending on the scale of support needed).

Admission/Entrance/Registration/Enrolment fee: One-time admission fee SGD $1,700.

Languages Taught



Air-conditioned classrooms
Sports field
Basketball court
Art room

Extracurricular Activities

The main curriculum finishes at 1.00pm. Students have a choice to stay for Lunch and Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) from 1.00pm to 3pm. 

We are the only school in Singapore that allows families to create their own timetable. 

ECAs are optional, you can sign up your child to attend ECA 5 days a week, or just a couple of days a week, or none at all. It is entirely up to the individual family to decide. 

The following ECAs offer Foreign Languages, Art, Drama, Robotics, Coding, Chess, Board Games, Dance, Yoga, Soccer, Martial Arts, Swimming etc. Check the full list on our website https://www.razum.edu.sg/extracurricular-activities