Jerudong International School students are celebrating another set of outstanding GCE A-Level results. Just over 10% of the grades awarded to our Year 13 students were top A* grades. These results are from the reformed, linear A Levels where students are examined on the work they have studied over two years with the emphasis on coursework changed - to gain greater importance in some subjects than others. The ability to take resits of modules was also removed.

JIS students achieved an outstanding A* or A grade in 29.7% of all grades awarded. The corresponding A* - A grade figures for all UK schools was 25.5% showing that JIS students are outperforming the statistics for UK schools. An impressive 55.76% of all grades were A*, A or B, generally regarded as the minimum level required for entry into a leading UK University. UK Statistics - 51.6 A*-B.

A large number of students received straight A* or A grades. A remarkable 21 students in Year 13 achieved either 3 or 4, A*/A grades.  This included one MoRA scholarship student - Iffah Idres (4 A*) who will study Mathematics at the University of Bath and 4 MoE Scholarship students: Zakwan SALLEH (4A* - going to study Mathematics at Imperial College, London), Fikri ALI (3A* & 1A, MORSE at the University of Southampton), Janice LIM (Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham, UK) and Xin Ying KOH (Radiography and Medical Imaging at Monash University, Australia).

The following students achieved 4 A* or A Grades. Sandy GARIMELLA, from India (who also achieved an A in the EPQ - Extended Project Qualification), will major in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Space Engineering & Astronomy at the University of Michigan. Indonesian student, Ezra SITORUS (Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London), Rahul UDAY KUMAR, from India (continuing his studies in India but who holds an offer to study Medicine at Newcastle University’s Malaysian Campus) and Malaysian student, Nathan KIU (M Eng Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester,UK).

Nicholas Sheehan, Principal of JIS, said:

"I am extremely pleased with these results as the proportion of top grades continues to grow at JIS, despite the qualifications getting tougher. It is a further endorsement of our students and teachers and the steps we take to maximise the potential of every student. We are thrilled with the performance of these students across the two years of their A-Level courses. Not only have they excelled academically, but they have truly seized upon the wonderful co-curricular and service opportunities available here at Jerudong International School. We are very proud to be sending off such a batch of well-rounded and qualified individuals to the finest Universities around the world.  Together with their parents and the A Level teachers, we are truly proud of them. Our students continue to 'Achieve Excellence' in all spheres of their lives.”

The following students all achieved 3 A*/A grades: Bruneians - Caleb Burhan (Natural Sciences at the University of Durham), Luqman NORSHAFIEE (Material Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester), Zen Sii (Actuarial Science at the University of London) and Imanina NIZAM (Economic Studies and Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick).

Naveen KANIANTHARA (Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester), Maryam OMAR (Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield), Harris RANA (Engineering at UBC, Canada). Freda NGU (University of Aberdeen, Scotland studying Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery); Sidharth RAJ has enrolled at Brown University to major in Mechanical Engineering, Eden Chiam plans to study Dance and Theatre at McGill and the National Theatre, Karl Roberts (Economics at the University of Manchester), Jackie Tan has commenced his studies at the University of Melbourne, Bachelors of Commerce majoring in Economics. Jackie also achieved an A grade in the demanding EPQ paper.

Seven JIS Year 12 students also sat for the A Level Maths paper in July 2019, having studied for this exam in one year. Sayuni EKANAYAKE, twins David and Daniel KUA, Louis MALIK, Alya NORARFAN and Maya ROY PRABHAKARAN achieved A* Grades and Aqilah MAT DANI achieved an excellent A Grade.

Attached Photos:

  1. Iffah IDRES - a Bruneian MoRA scholarship student - achieved 4 A* Grades
  2. Zakwan SALLEH - a Bruneian MoE scholarship student - achieved 4 A* Grades
  3. Fikri ALI - a Bruneian MoE scholarship student - achieved 3 A* and an A grade
  4. Sandy GARIMELLA, from India, achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades
  5. Indonesian student, Ezra SITORUS achieved   2 A* and 2 A grades
  6. Rahul UDAY KUMAR, from India, achieved 4 A* /A Grades
  7. Malaysian student, Nathan KIU - achieved 4 A Grades
  8. Bruneian, Caleb BURHAN - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  9. Naveen KANIANTHARA, from India - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  10. Bruneian Luqman NORSHAFIEE - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  11. Malaysian student, Maryam OMAR - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  12. Harris RANA, from Pakistan - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  13. Bruneian, Zen SII - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A* / A Grades
  14. Malaysian student, Freda NGU - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A Grades
  15. Sidharth RAJ, from India - achieved 4 A Levels including 3 A Grades