Five Jerudong International School (JIS) students recently achieved Distinctions in the annual Canadian Computing Challenge competing against 4000 students world wide! What was more remarkable was the fact that one of the students is presently in Year 6 at JIS, competing with much older students!

Hosted by Canada’s University of Waterloo’s The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC) is a fun challenge for secondary school students with an interest in programming. It is an opportunity for students to test their capabilities in designing, understanding and implementing algorithms.

The three A Level students, Bruneians Atip Adimas, Ethan Cheam, Kartikeya Aneja (India), IGCSE student Yahya Husain and Year 6, Richard Zou had 3 hours to complete and answer 5 questions. All 12 competitors from JIS had to programme using the Python programming language. Questions included basic algorithms (e.g., sorting, searching) and more advanced algorithms (e.g., careful counting, some mathematical reasoning).

Mr Simon Carter, Head of Computing at JIS commented, 'The Canadian Computing Competition is a seriously demanding and rigorous international challenge, which we would like to see as a standard part of our Y12 Computer Science calendar. It is exciting to see younger students also taking up the challenge and responding so well.'

Mr Nicholas Sheehan, JIS Principal ‘One thing we have all learned from COVID is how invaluable computers are. I’m delighted to see these five students participating and doing so well in this international competition. I look forward to seeing their future prowess in a world increasingly reliant upon the digital economy.”

Principal, Mr Sheehan with Head of Computing, Mr Carter congratulating the five students who achieved Distinction.

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